Advanced Features

US Contributions is built to accommodate your needs. The capabilities US Contributions offers can get any campaign, big or small, up and running.  And we offer advanced features within every account.  From one-click donations, to advanced analytics, to special forms for events and ticketing, US Contributions has everything you need to run a successful digital fundraising operation.

An Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Are you a fundraiser managing the operations of multiple campaigns? With one login, you can easily access all of your campaigns within one dashboard.

Unique Signup Forms

We make it easy to add a personalized contribution form to your website. Do you want someone to contact an office holder about an issue? There’s also a form for that. Do you want to capture volunteer signups? There’s a form for that. Do you want a form for something we haven’t thought of? Let us know and we’ll make a form for that!

One Click Donations

When it comes to online fundraising, every additional step a donor has to take increases the likelihood they’ll get distracted or walk away. One Click Donations allows your donors to save information for an easier process every time.

Social Media Integration

We know how important it is to raise money “where” your audience is. Our US Contributions app allows your donors to contribute directly from Facebook without leaving the site. And we make it easy for donors to share their personal contribution, allowing their donation to go viral among their social network.