A Smarter Way To Collect Contributions

U.S. Contributions is an All-In-One Application for your campaign to manage donations, contacts, forms, event tracking, and data.

Not just a donation platform

US Contributions is built to accommodate your needs. The capabilities US Contributions offers can get any campaign, big or small, up and running fast.  And we offer advanced features within every account. From one-click donations, to advanced analytics, to special forms for events and ticketing. US Contributions has everything you need to run a successful digital fundraising operation.


Easy To Use


Advanced Analytics


Events & Ticketing


Flat Rates




One-click Donations

Easy to setup, easy to track


Test Performance and Make Better Decisions

Our platform is built to help you test and improve performance. You can test multiple campaigns. Collect data from all campaigns and easily compare data points, conversions, and interactions. You’ll make better, data-driven decisions and the platform helps you convey that data to decision-makers on your team.

Easy To Customize

Advanced form customization allows you to create unique campaigns and customize them to best suit your needs. Our forms fit on your website through an i-frame that contours to your website platform. There's no off-site link. It's plug and play to ensure you have the best analytics possible.

Events & Ticketing

Part of the all-in-one US Contributions platform is an integrated events & ticketing system that allows you to sell tickets for your fundraiser or event. Avoid having to use a different platform for ticketing purposes by signing up today!

Easy Setup

Quickly and efficiently setup an event and start selling tickets in minutes.

Take Tickets

Create an event form with different ticketing levels and descriptions and easily keep track of the purchases with comprehensive reporting.


Create tickets and check in your guests at your event hassle-free.

Powerful Analytics

We have optimized the way our application works with various analytics platforms to ensure that all analytics happen on the client websites. We provide metrics like conversion and abandonment rates that are based on session and IP address to show you what campaigns are successful and what’s not.

One-Click Donations

Reducing barriers for your supporters increases the likelihood they will act. We offer a one-click system that works across all actions. So if your user makes a contribution and then lands on your volunteer page, their information will already be filled out in the volunteer form, exponentially increasing the chance that they will take action there.

This system ensures that your user’s data is behind a system with stringent security measures. The same security that applies to your donations then applies to your subscribers.

Low, Flat Rates

Our pricing and rates are easy. Once you open a merchant account you will pay a 5% flat fee with no monthly costs. That’s it. Always.

Security That Exceeds Industry Standards

Our hosted forms exceed industry standards by isolating the donation process from your web platform.


We use a temporary token to process transactions.

Temporary tokenized credit card and related credit card information is encrypted at rest.

Database tables are completely siloed.

Our credit card partners meet the highest PCI standards in the industry.

U.S. Contributions itself has gone through PCI compliance.

Let us fundraise for you

We’ve helped campaigns and organizations raise millions online by integrating fundraising into every digital component. Let us tell you how our services can help you raise more money and reach more potential donors online.

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